Products - T2C "Transact to COBOL" Migration Solution

The original author and developer of the products purchased by HP and sold as Transact and the Rapid products, David Dummer, and Enno Richter, developer of RPG to COBOL translation tools, have combined forces with ScreenJet to create a Transact to COBOL migration solution that makes anything else a Jigsaw Puzzle.

The T2C Transact Migration Solution converts the procedural Transact code into COBOL which utilises a Transact Class Library that will initially support the migration to HP-UX and Linux. Uniquely, the converted code will also be compatible with HP COBOL II, and the Transact Class Library will also be available for MPE/iX. This approach means that the conversion from Transact to COBOL can be tested and even implemented on the HP3000 prior to migration.

For migration the generated COBOL source can use many of the COBOL compilers, whilst the Transact Class Library can utilise the services of the many TurboImage and Intrinsic libraries available for the migration of HP3000 applications.

Whilst not restricting other possible options, as a standard option the Transact Class Library will be provided with linkages to the Eloquence TurboImage API, and the VPlus API from ScreenJet. This combination provides a straightforward migration solution for your Transact Code, Image data and VPlus screens.

"For the Transact programmer this solution delivers COBOL procedural code that feels the same as Transact, complete with all the power and functionality of the Transact Verb classes. Whilst for future maintainability the application source code is pure COBOL with a supporting generic library of functions."

The T2C Transact Migration Solution has two components, a code translation service and a software library that will be available optionally as a run-time or purchased licence. The Conversion service and Library can be ordered from ScreenJet Limited, or through your choice of Migration Service partner for a complete migration solution.

Pricing and Availability

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For further information please contact: Alan Yeo.
Or contact your local migration services partner.