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We thought we would leave these up and undated for the time being, so that you can insert dates if/as and when appropriate:

  • ? - HP sacks another CEO
  • ? - HP acquired by ......
  • ? - ORACLE admits to price gouging
  • ? - Customer completes SAP implementation

Current News

ScreenJet's Alan Yeo test drives the pre-production Stromasys HPe3000 Emulator

Here is the full story.

Older News - 2011

September 2011 - HP3000 Reunion "A Night at the Museum"

3 days of events in CA at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View and the Cupertino Inn that included: presentations on the Eloquence database; a Migration Training Day; presentations on the Stromasys HP3000 Emulator; a Party organised by CAMUS for current/former MANMAN and ASK folks - culminating with an HP3000 Reunion on the Saturday Night. The event was sponsored by CAMUS, Marxmeier Software, Robelle, ScreenJet and Speedware. For the full story, click here.

May 2011 - Migration News - SBCTC completes migration project, Replacement systems go live.


December 31 2010 - HP Support for MPE finally ends

After an undignified period of 4 years when HP twice extended their support of the HP3000 and MPE, the vendors support "officially"? terminated today. This marks the end of a period where their scrabbling for every bit of revenue they could extract from the HPe3000 user base, was seen as highly damaging to the 3rd Party Support and Migration eco system they said they were trying to encourage.


October 2009 - Speedware selects ScreenJet Migration tools for Washington migration project

Speedware (now Fresche Legacy) has selected the TransAction "Transact replacement" and EZV "VPLUS replacement" products from ScreenJet as key components for a large migration project for the Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC).

September 2009 - ScreenJet helps organise HPe3000 Community Meet

Thank you to all the participants who attended the HPe3000 Community event in September 2009, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in San Francisco. Your attendance ensured that 2009's only event resulted in a successful opportunity for networking, exchanging new information and renewing acquaintances and friendships.

April 2009 - MB Foster Associates select ScreenJet tools for VPLUS migration

Ontario based MB Foster Associates has selected VPlus conversion tools from ScreenJet as part a migration solution for a major supplier of customised payment solutions to the US Financial Services Industry.


June 2008 - ScreenJet announces EZV an Easy VPLUS Replacement product

ScreenJet has announced the development of a new Formspec and VPlus replacement product suite. The EZV solution converts proprietary VPlus formfiles into XML, whilst a replacement VPlus Library allows applications to be migrated unaltered to any platform that supports 700/92 Terminal connection via Telnet, NSVT or SSH. EZV provides a near exact replication of the existing HPe3000 VPlus user interface, whilst a new .NET based replacement for Formspec is provided that allows screens to be maintained as they were on the HPe3000.


November 2007 - ScreenJet sponsors HPe3000 Community Meeting in San Francisco

ScreenJet joined MBFoster, Marxmeier Software and Speedware in the sponsorship and organisation of the 2007 HPe3000 Community Meet at the Doubletree Hotel San Francisco Airport.

April 2007 - ScreenJet and Imacs Technologies to rewrite Transact and Dictionary/3000

ScreenJet and Imacs have announced that following the successful development of the T2C "Transact to COBOL" solution that they are now going to proceed with the joint development of a complete rewrite of the HP3000 Transact and Dictionary/3000 products to facilitate a "lift'n'shift" migration to different platforms.


November 2006 - Lisle Corp. Migration from HPe3000 with ACUCOBOL and ScreenJet tools

Lisle Corp - The Innovator in Specialty Tools since 1903 has completed its application migration from HPe3000 to Intel using ACUCOBOL and ScreenJet.

July 2006 - US Motor Manufacturer goes live with Migration Solution from ScreenJet

Major US Motor Manufacturer completes migration of Transact applications utilising T2C software from ScreenJet.

January 2006 - DataPacifica completes migration for Aerocraft Heat Treating

Los Angeles based DataPacifica has just completed the migration of bespoke HPe3000 applications to Windows for Aerocraft Heat Treatment of Paramount CA. The migration utilised tools supplied by ScreenJet for VPlus conversion.


December 2005 - Resource 3000 selects ScreenJet for Migration Tools bundle

June 2005 - Computer And Software Enterprises, Inc. Migration with ScreenJet toolset

"I had a vision that the tools we chose would allow us to keep the majority of our business logic unchanged, while completely changing the foundation that was underneath our application. ...our major tool vendors — Acucorp, Marxmeier, and ScreenJet — all did a great job at making this possible." — Rick Gilligan, Senior Software Specialist, Computer And Software Enterprises, Inc. (CASE)

April 2005 - Genesis Total Solutions Inc. Completes Migration to Windows and Linux utilising ScreenJet tools

Genesis Total Solutions Inc. Suppliers of Distribution, Production, Accounting and Fulfilment solutions, have completed the migration of their core software from the HPe3000 to Windows and Linux.

January 2005 - IBM uses ScreenJet's T2C "Transact to COBOL" conversion software for HPe3000 Migration

IBM and migration partner Sector7 use T2C to migrate the Transact code for a major US Motor Company. T2C is a joint development by ScreenJet and Imacs Technology Inc, the developers of the original software that became Transact.


August 2004 - HP World

ScreenJet co-ordinates Practical Migration Session for HP World:

  • What Will Your New Environment/Community Be Like?
    Jeanette Nutsford — Computometric Systems Ltd
    Alan Yeo — ScreenJet Ltd
    Charles Finley — Transformix Computer Corporation
    Jeffrey Douglas — Pir Group Inc.
    Michael Marxmeier — Marxmeier Software AG

August 2004 - Speedware and ScreenJet Partner to offer migration solutions for HP Transact Users

Speedware Ltd., a Hewlett-Packard partner for HPe3000 migration solutions, and ScreenJet Ltd. announced today that they have entered into an agreement to provide an automated solution to migrate HP Transact™ software applications from the HPe3000 to modern computing platforms, including Windows and UNIX.

January 2004 - The 3000 Newswire interview with Alan Yeo

Alan Yeo displays a canny sense of timing. As the founder of the software companies Affirm and ScreenJet, Ltd., Alan has contributed to the HPe3000 scene since 1980...


December 2003 - Dairylea Selects ScreenJet VPlus Migration Toolkit

ScreenJet™ Ltd., a worldwide provider of HPe3000 application migration technologies, recently announced the selection of its Migration Toolkit by Dairylea Cooperative Inc., a $1 billion farmer-owned agricultural marketing and service organization headquartered in Syracuse, NY, in the northeastern United States. The Migration Toolkit will be used in the conversion of VPlus screens — enabling the company to more easily migrate its vital HPe3000 business systems developed over the last 20+ years, from the discontinued HP server line to new environments. In addition to ScreenJet's tools, Dairylea will also employ Acucorp Inc.'s ACUCOBOL-GT® development system to replace the applications’ existing HP COBOL II and Marxmeier Software AG"s Eloquence® to replace TurboImage.

December 2003 - Acucorp Award for ScreenJet Ltd

ScreenJet Ltd. has received the Complementary Technology Program (CTP) Partner of the Year Award from Acucorp, Inc. Acucorp is an international provider of application extension solutions designed to solve mission-critical business issues. ScreenJet™, an Acucorp CTP partner since 2002, has developed innovative toolsets to convert VPlus to the graphical user interface of ACUCOBOL-GT®.

October 31 2003 - Sales of HP3000 end

October 31 2003 - ScreenJet helps organise "World Wide Wake" for HP3000

3000 veterans to host World Wide Wake as HP’s sales end

Wakes drive 3000 memories to surface.

August 2003 - HP World

At HP World 2003, ScreenJet joined Ordina Denkart, Computometric, Marxmeier Software and Acucorp in a live HP3000 migration presentation. During the Marxmeier software presentation at HP World 2003, Alan Yeo from ScreenJet demonstrated an alpha version of the Cognos PowerHouse products working with Eloquence.

July 2003 - ScreenJet releases K2Vision, a KSAM to Vision file conversion utility

ScreenJet, an Acucorp Inc. Complementary Technology Partner, has announced the release of K2Vision, a conversion utility that reads the format of HPe3000 KSAM files and then generates and transfers the data into the Vision file system used by ACUCOBOL-GT®.

June 2003 - Pathway Pacific selects ScreenJet for migration toolset

Pathway Pacific has assembled three products to bundle a complete solution for the HPe3000 sites wanting to make the transition as quickly and smoothly as possible while doing the work themselves. "With Acucorp’s ACUCOBOL-GT being the core of the bundle, Pathway Pacific also offers Eloquence, a database that is very much like Turbo/Image on the HPe3000; and ScreenJet, which will automate the conversion of VPlus forms to native AcuBench forms."

March 2003 - HPe3000 Solutions Symposium

At the HPe3000 Solutions Symposium, ScreenJet gave two migration presentations: "COBOL, IMAGE, VPLUS Migration Made Easy" a joint presentation by Jeanette Nutsford & Alan Yeo; and "Transformation vs. Fossilization" the two migration strategies presented by Alan Yeo.

January 2003 - Acucorp announces free online HPe3000 migration webcast series

Acucorp recently ran a series of online webcasts exploring migrating and modernising HPe3000 COBOL applications; these featured the ScreenJet VPlus conversion products.


November 2002 - ScreenJet releases movie of VPlus to AcuBench Migration

ScreenJet has prepared a COBOL/VPlus to AcuCOBOL migration demonstration. The movie shows the complete process, from running the application on the HPe3000, through using the Migration Toolkit, to exporting, compiling and running the resultant code.

September 2002 - Demand Wave uses ScreenJet VPlus Tool Kit for HPe3000 Migration Project

Demand Wave Solutions, Inc., an ISV that distributes order fulfilment services and software, selected ScreenJet's VPLUS Migration Tool Kit to assist with a comprehensive migration project that involves moving their BOSSgold management system from the HPe3000 to the HP 9000. Using the extend5 solutions from Acucorp, Inc. to move to the new platform, Demand Wave will be able expand the HPe3000 version of BOSSgold to the UNIX and Windows-NT environments - whilst dramatically reducing the cost, risk and time involved in re-writing, re-engineering or replacing their core technology.

January 2002 - Acucorp Announces Alliance with ScreenJet Ltd

Relationship provides HPe3000 users with tools for migrating COBOL-VPlus applications to UNIX, Linux or Windows NT.


November 14 2001 - HP Announces sales of HPe3000 will end on October 31st 2003

"Another Black Wednesday"

October 2001 - ScreenJet buys

UK based ScreenJet Ltd has terminated a world-wide sales and marketing agreement with Millware Corporation for the distribution of the HPe3000 ScreenJet Emulator and Graphical User Interface. ScreenJet Ltd has purchased the web site and material and all traffic is now diverted to their own site Existing customers who purchased ScreenJet through Millware Corporation will have their licences honoured by ScreenJet Ltd.