Video - COBOL/VPlus to AcuCOBOL migration demonstration

ScreenJet has prepared a COBOL/VPlus to AcuCOBOL migration demonstration. The demo includes a small working HP3000 COBOL and VPlus program.


The video shows the complete demo, from running the application on the HPe3000, through using the Migration Toolkit, to exporting, compiling and running the resultant code.

The video is available in two formats:

  • If you don't want to watch the video now, or wish to show it to others, we will email a zip file containing the video as a .exe executable (approx 6MB).
  • Watch the video now in Macromedia Shockwave format, streamed direct to your browser. If you need the Shockwave plugin you will be offered the download from Macromedia (which should only take a few moments).

Whichever of the formats you chose, we would be grateful for any feedback you can give us on both the content and presentation.