Products - K2Vision (version 01.00.00)
HPe3000 KSAM to ACUCOBOL-GT Vision conversion utility


ScreenJet's K2Vision utility automatically writes an ACUCOBOL program to convert HPe3000 KSAM files to ACUCOBOL Vision files. Once written, the conversion program can be transferred to the target platform of your choice (or left on the HP3000) and compiled.

Once created the conversion program can be run as often as you like to generate the Vision files. It processes a "flat file" copy of the KSAM file data created using FCOPY. This removes any logically deleted KSAM records before building the Vision file, and allows the KSAM data to be transferred to any platform to have the conversion performed.

From version 02.00.00, K2Vision can optionally process a file that contains an FD description of the KSAM file. This information then gets included in the generated conversion program. It can be used to effect data manipulation when loading the Vision file(s) (e.g. COMP fields from big endien to little endien if required on the target platform).

The inclusion of the FD information also optionally allows an ACUCOBOL "XFD" file to be created when compiling the program. XFD files allow Vision file(s) to be accessed using SQL via the Acu4GL interface.