News - Acucorp Announces Alliance with ScreenJet Ltd

Relationship provides HPe3000 users with tools for migrating COBOL-VPlus applications to UNIX, Linux or Windows NT

San Diego, CA - January 24, 2002 - In response to Hewlett-Packard's five-year transition plan for HPe3000 users, Acucorp, Inc. has announced a technology alliance with ScreenJet Ltd. Acucorp, an international provider of application extension solutions designed to solve mission-critical business issues, and ScreenJet Ltd., a company specializing in the enhancement and migration of VPlus to graphical user interfaces, plan to offer a software migration solution to organizations who have COBOL-VPlus applications running on the HPe3000. With this new solution, programmers can migrate existing COBOL-VPlus applications to UNIX, Linux or Windows NT by using the ScreenJet toolkit to convert VPlus forms directly into Acucorp's AcuBench development environment. ScreenJet will also provide a revised ACUCOBOL-GT version of its VPlus Intercept API, allowing migrated applications to optionally retain their existing VPlus screen handling calls and procedures.

"Like ScreenJet, we've made a long-term commitment to support the HPe3000 community," says Joe Seiley, Acucorp's Director of Business Development. "This commitment includes creating software solutions, as well as exploring strategic alliances, that will allow HPe3000 users to leverage their existing COBOL and VPlus investments when migrating to UNIX, Linux or Windows. Acucorp's alliance with ScreenJet strengthens and enhances that commitment."

In addition to its plan to support the migration of COBOL-VPlus applications, Acucorp has nearly completed the field testing for Version 5.2 of its extend5 product line on the HPe3000. This release will provide support for HP COBOL language extensions and HP Intrinsics, thereby providing direct access to Image and many other third party offerings. Other HPe3000-specific features will include COBOL-based GUI development, Thin Client technology, Internet deployment, distributed computing, a powerful debugger and Windows IDE, as well as support for Acucorp products under both MPE and POSIX.

"By combining our technology with Acucorp's, we can offer HPe3000 users industry-leading portability to ease their application re-hosting to new environments," explains Alan Yeo, CEO of ScreenJet. "COBOL-VPlus developers will be able to more quickly and efficiently convert their HPe3000 applications while reducing much of the time, risk and costs involved with subsequent migration. And, we see this as a win-win solution for users."

With the Acucorp-ScreenJet technology alliance, organizations and software houses can keep their business processes and original logic intact-an option that is receiving increased interest in the ISV, corporate and government end-user markets.

According to Gunnar Friedlund, CEO of CIO Technologies, a ScreenJet ISV, "Due to our customers' overwhelming response when we transferred all their VPlus screens into ScreenJet GUI last year, we wholeheartedly embrace the migration strategy and tools from Acucorp and ScreenJet. And, we now plan on using this technology to migrate our applications and clients."

To receive further information on Acucorp and ScreenJet migration tools, email Alan Yeo.

About Acucorp

Founded in 1988, Acucorp, Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in San Diego, California, with additional offices in England, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden. Acucorp's products are distributed in more than 75 countries throughout the world, and its technology users include DaimlerChrysler Corporation, Lockheed Martin, McDonald's Corporation, Siemens, Thomas Cook, Tower Records and Warner Music Group. The company continues to design, develop, and market robust solutions for extending the life of inherited COBOL applications. Click here for additional information about Acucorp.

About ScreenJet

ScreenJet Ltd. was established in 1999 to combine the HPe3000 application development skills of Affirm, Ltd. with the latest PC interface developments of Pixel Innovations Ltd. to create a new interface for the HPe3000, "ScreenJet". After three years of development the company recently launched Version 2.1 of the ScreenJet Thin Client graphical user interface to enhance VPlus applications. Since its commercial launch in 2001, more than 20 organizations and ISVs worldwide have licensed ScreenJet. Affirm has been developing and supporting HPe3000 COBOL-VPlus applications in the U.K. since the mid 1980s and has been a Hewlett-Packard channel partner since 1987. To receive an email containing a white paper on VPlus Migration, click here.


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